Kurutu Tha Ironman

Kurutu was born and raised in Mombasa – Kisauni in the mid 80’s and he grew up with the beat of rhythm in his blood seing and feeling Ukoo flani from the day of its formation to the lime light creating an inspiration into music which propelled him to feel and appreciate the sound of music.

He hails from the Hood known as ‘Barisheba’ the Spine of coastal Hip Hop.

Born in a family rich in music he used to be a member of the church choir from a very tender age of 7 yrs, he discovered his talent for composing when he was still in high school (Kenyatta High Mwatate) and recorded his first track “HIPHOP TAARAB” produced by Hassan Majid and soon after leaving high school he made a decision to follow his heart, Signed to Freretown studio by the multi talented Bango player and Musician turned producer Jimmy Ngala son of the re-known Mzee Ngala mwenyewe king of Bango he took hip hop by the horns and formed the group BOURNE FIRE with a stream of other artist such as ROJO, GIT, TABULEZ, DADDY B and so many more. He is a member of the WRM team which comprises of Totti La Internationale, K-Lama, Kidd Shaka, Johnny Skani, Kavakier and Real Flick.

He comes in, with a multiplication of talents: a rapper, writer, model and actor. He is a hardworking creative and down to earth artist with ambitions and plans to take his music to the greatest heights.

His expedition has been far and wide from collaborating & featuring from albums / mixtapes. Currently working under super producers TOTTI LA INTERNATIONALE, JOHNNY BLAZE, BWANA NGOMA (ULOPA) and Visual genius Dir Kevin Bosco Jnr (HEADMASTERZ) and Yahu finally, this Borne Fire member under the Sibuor Empire, Grip music n pictures outfit and Side B is geared to take it to another level.